Nokdong Seowon

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Nokdong Seowon

Nokdong Seowon

Nokdong Seowon originally was established in the name of 'Jonyangsa (存養祠)'. But, the name that is still called is from the title of 'Nokdong' received from King Sukjong in his 39th year (1713). This Seowon set only the tablet of Yeoncheon Choi, Deok Ji (1384∼1455) when established. Later, tablets of Sandang Choi, Chung Seong (1458∼1491), a grandson of Choi, Deok Ji, Mungok Kim, Su Hang (1629 ∼1689), Nongam Kim, Chang Hyeop (1651∼1708) and others were set.

Among the currently preserved various old documents and wooden press pates, the representative documents are the student list, "Seowon Cheonggeuman" in 25 volumes, "Seowon Seojaeyuan" in 2 volumes, "Simwonrok" in 5 volumes, "Hapgyeongjaebonoan" in 3 volumes and other individual documents of circular, agreement and slave transfer. For press plates, "Yeonchonyusa", "Munkokjip", "Sandangjip" and other wiring collections of enshrined figures along with "Seokcheonjip" written by a figure from a nearby area.
Such artifacts are very precious materials in general and multi-aspects for showing the history, the organization and operation, the economic foundation and the student list of Nokdong Seowon.

Nokdong Seowon Information

  • Item : City and Province Tangible Asset No. 183
  • Name : Yeongam Nokdong Seowon's Collection of Press Plates and Documents(靈巖鹿洞書院所藏木版 and 古文書類)
  • Category : Book Collections
  • Quantity : 665 Volumes in 2 Types
  • Designation Date : November 30, 1992
  • Location : 356 Gyodong-ri, Yeongam-eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeonnam
  • Ownership Type : Private (Nokdong Seowon)
  • Manager : Nokdong Seowon