Yeongam Hyanggyo

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Yeongam Hyanggyo

Yeongam Hyanggyo

Hyanggyo was the national education institute to hold memorial services for Confucius and other various sages and to teach and educate local people.
This Hyanggyo was established in the second year of King Sejong (1420), but repeatedly ruined through the Japanese Invasion in late 1500s, the fire accident in 1918 and Korean War. As the current remaining architectures, Daseongjeon was built again in 1952 and followed by 1963's building of Dongjae Seojae ordinally for the student dormitory and 1969's building Myeongryundang. The rest of other architectures were recovered serially later.

This Haynggyo shows a unique structure of parallel arrangement of two spaces for the education and the memorial service in East and West directions. The lecture space to teach student, Myrongryundang is built in the scale of four rooms at the fron and two rooms at the side. Daseongjeon is the place setting tablets for Congucious and other Korean and Chinese sages. These two spaces are separated with Naesammun. During Joseon Dynasty, the education was performed by the supports of land, servants and books. However, today, only the ceremonial function is performed in Haynggyo.

Yeongam Hyanggyo Information

  • Item : Cultural Property No. 126
  • Name : Yeongam Hyanggyo (靈岩鄕校)
  • Category : Hyanggyo
  • Coverage: Overall Architectures
  • Designation Date : February 25, 1985
  • Location : 73 Gyodong-ro. Yeongam-eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeonnam
  • Ownership Type : Private Ownership
  • Manager : Yeongam Hyanggyo
  • Website :