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Gugosa is the shrine where the portrait and tablet of Yangmugong Kim, Wan (1577∼1635) a general during Middle Joseon Dynasty are set.
This general was noted for his bravery fights with General Lee, Bok Nam, Byongma Jeoldosa of Jeonla-do against Japanese army during Jeongyujaeran in the 30th year of King Seonjo (1597).

After passed the Military Service Examination in the 7th of King Gwanghaegun, the general was appointed in various positions of army. For his signified service during the Lee Gwal's Revolt in the second year of King Injo (1634), he was entitled as Hakseonggun as the Third Meritorious Retainer. He died during his service as Byeongma Jeoldosa og Hwanghae-do in the 12th year of King Injo (1634) and, after is death, his position was elevated to Byeongjo Panseo. Gugosa Shrine was built by King's order to honor the general. The shrine was burned,, but recovered in 1979.

Gugosa Information

  • Item : City or Province Monument No. 49
  • Name : Gugosa and General Gim, Wan's Shrine (九皐祠 and 金完將軍不祧墓)
  • Category : Shrine, Altar
  • Coverage : Overall Area
  • Designation Date : October 20, 1981
  • Location : 20 Hwaso-gil, Seoho-myeon, Yeongam-gun, Jeonnam
  • Ownership Type : Private Ownership
  • Manager : General Kim Wan's Remains Preservation Association