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Jangamjeong is the gazebo built by Jangam's Dadonggye for the village organization's gatherings. Village students gathered at the gazebo and cited Dongyak during the drinking ceremony or held writing competitions, 60 year old birthday parties and other national ceremonies.

Dongyak is the rules made by the people of rural villages autonomously during Joseon Dynasty to recommend goods to each other, correct wrong things and help each other's difficulties. The gazebo existing today was repaired several times in the 16th year of King Yeongjo (1760), the 12th year of King Jeongjo (1788) and the 19th year of Sunjo (1819). The overall repair was performed in the 17th year of King Gojong followed by the partial repair in 1976.

The gazebo building is constructed of 4 rooms at the front along with 3 rooms at the side. The roof is consturcted in Paljak type looks similar to the Chinese number 8 (八) from the side. The structure is opened with the wooden floor at the front having two rooms with narrow floors at the back of building.

Jangamjeong does not have a unique architectural feature, yet a rare construction for Donyak meetings still remaining. Especially the preserved records reflecting the rural life of Honam region in Late Josheon Dynasty is highly valued as historical materials.

Jangamjeong Information

  • Item : City or Province Monument No. 103
  • Name : Jangamjeong (場岩亭)
  • Category : Gazebo, Building Tower
  • Coverage : Overall Area
  • Designation Date : January 15, 1987
  • Location : 67 Mudeokjeong-gil, Yeongam-eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeonam
  • Ownership Type : Private Ownership
  • Manager : Jangam Mun Clan Family