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Yeongpaljeong is the gazebo built by Ryu, Maeng Mun in the 6th year of King Taejong of Joseon (1406) following the order from his father Ryu, Gwan (1346∼1433), an administrative official from Late Goryeo to Early Joseon on his impresson for the surrounding sceneries. The gazebo was initially called as "Mojeong' after 'Mo' of Mosan-ri and 'Jeong' from his pseudonym "Hajeong', but later changed to 'Yeongpaljeong' after Yulgok Lee, Yi, Go Gyeong Myeong, Nam, Yi Gong, Ryu, Sang Un and others recited 8 poems on the surrounding sceneries. No other repair record is known except the repair by Ryu, Sang Un who were a Prime Minister in the 15th year of King Sukjong (1689).

The gazebo building is constructed of 3 sections at the front along with 2 sections at the side. The roof is consturcted in Paljak type looks similar to the Chinese number 8 (八) from the side. The interior is flat square squared with no room or partition. The floor is checker floor and the rails are installed at the right side only. Yeongpaljeong is a learning place that produced many talents in a long period of time so that the gazebo has a significant historical meaning as the place for villagers' meetings.

Yeongpaljeong Information

  • Item : City or Province Monument No. 105
  • Name : Yeongpaljeong (詠八亭)
  • Category : Gazebo, Building Tower
  • Coverage : Overall Area
  • Designation Date : October 15, 1987
  • Location : 8 Hajeong-gil, Shinbuk-myeon, Yeongam-gun
  • Ownership Type: Private Ownership
  • Manager: Munhwa Ryu Clan Family