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Yongbojeong is the gazebo built by Yeonchon Choi, Deok Ji (1384∼1455) with his son in law Shin, Hu Gyeong while focusing in academic researches relocating himself in Yeongam's Yeongbo village after living his position in the government.

Master Choi, Deok Ji was an administrative official in Early Joseon who received repects from people for his high knowledge and decent behavior. Mater Choi published many writings that was burned in fires and only one volume is still remaining while various scholars had discussed. The original gazebo was ruined so that Choi, Jeong and Shin Cheon Ik (1592∼1661) re-established the gazebo in the current location.

The gazebo building is constructed of 5 rooms at the front along with 3 rooms at the side. The roof is consturcted in Paljak type looks similar to the Chinese number 8 (八) from the side. The name board is known to be a calagraphy work of Han, Seok Bong. Yongbojeong holds the significant historical value as the training place for teen to educate the anti-Japan and country caving spirit during the Japanese ruling period. On May 5 of each year, the village festival, Punghyang Festival (豊鄕察) is held in this place.

Yongbojeong Information

  • Item : City or Province Monument No. 104
  • Name : Yongbojeong (永保亭)
  • Category : Gazebo, Building Tower
  • Coverage : Overall Area
  • Designation Date : January 15, 1987
  • Ownership Type : Private Ownership
  • Manager : Jeonju Choi and ,Geochang Shin Clan Families